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Euronav have been providing innovative electronic charting and navigation products for the leisure and commercial marine Industry since the late 1980’s. Euronav was responsible for producing the award winning PC Wayplanner and since then has become the most popular leisure software provider in the UK, with thousands of users navigating the globe with seaPro. Euronav has also been chosen by many leisure professionals including the Clipper Round the World Race yachts. In the commercial market, seaPro is used aboard Workboats, Police vessels, Navies, Fishing vessels and Fisheries Protection agencies, Ferries and Commercial Ships for navigation and Oil Platforms for protection. seaPro supports both official ARCS raster and ENC vector charts for professional use. In addition to navigation software Euronav supplies Vessel Tracking Systems, Automatic Identification System software, Passenger Information Systems and GIS charting and display products.
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PI3000 Passenger Information System SeaPro Lite PC Charting & Navigation Software SeaPro Patrol Electronic Chart System
PI3000 is a powerful and flexible PC based presentation system that provides passengers with voyage progress and general information over the vessels existing TV system. Show the vessel’s planned route and current position overlaid on paper quality digital charts which automatically scroll as the vessel moves. SeaPro Lite+ is designed for those who wish to get to grips with PC based chart plotters without the initial expense of a fully featured system, or feel that the amount of sailing they do does not justify a more costly solution. SeaPro Patrol is a powerful navigation system, which provides logging and reporting functions for enforcement and similar operations. The seaPro Patrol & Enforcement System offers worldwide functionality through use of high quality raster and vector electronic charting formats.
SeaPro Performance Sailing PC Charting & Navigation Software SeaPro Pilot Electronic Chart System SeaPro Platform Protection Electronic Chart System
SeaPro Performance Sailing has been designed for sailors who
cruise or race and want to get more performance out of their yachts.
SeaPro Pilot provides a powerful yet easy to use 'carry on-board' solution for ship Pilots, who want their own independent navigation and information system, removing the reliance on the ships own ECDIS/Navigation system. The pilot system interfaces to the ships data using the pilot plug on the ships AIS transponder, giving instant access to ships Position, Heading, COG/SOG/Rate of Turn and AIS targets. SeaPro Platform Protection provides a powerful yet easy to use Rig Protection System to track & trace vessels approaching Rigs and Platforms and to generate alarms when they enter a pre-designated alarm zone based on factors such as distance, speed and MMSI number using AIS and RADAR tracking. SeaPro Platform Protection System allows alarm zones to be set up triggering an alert when targets enter, cross or leave the zone.
SeaPro Plus PC Charting & Navigation Software SeaPro Professional Electronic Chart System SeaPro Standard PC Charting & Navigation Software
The advanced seaPro Plus offers all the features of seaPro Standard plus a host of additional functions designed to meet the needs of those sailing further afield. seaPro Plus is typically fitted to the smaller commercial patrol or harbour craft / offices and many "blue-water" yachts, offshore racers, powerboats and motor yachts. SeaPro Professional is a powerful electronic charting and navigation system designed for the modern Navigator (ECS, sub-ECDIS). Available as software or fully integrated bridge system, seaPro provides practical real-time navigation that interfaces to GPS, ship board sensors, AIS and ARPA radar's. The highly acclaimed seaPro Standard is a unique electronic charting application designed to offer seamless selection of both vector (Livechart & S57) and raster (Seafarer, NZ Mariner & BSB) charts.