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SeaPro Performance Sailing PC Charting & Navigation Software

SeaPro Performance Sailing PC Charting & Navigation Software
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SeaPro Performance Sailing - PC Charting & Navigation Software

The standard other systems are measured against!

SeaPro Performance Sailing has been designed for sailors who cruise or race and want to get more performance out of their yachts. All the features of SeaPro Standard and adding many features that enable you to sail faster, visual tools are provided including geographic wind direction, tacking angles and laylines, so you get the maximum information by simply looking at the screen. For yachts without expensive racing instrumentation, SeaPro can provide information such as target boat speed, time to layline etc. Output is provided to interface to dedicated mast displays such as B&G, Silva, NKE and the wireless Tacktick system. SeaPro Performance Sailing has been used on the Clipper Round The World yacht race and the choice system of Alex Bennett Racing, among many others worldwide.

Setup & Operating
  • Simple set up - Just connect your GPS to the serial port of your PC to see your vessels position on the chart.
  • Folio Mode - Charts may be selected manually or you can allow the system to choose the appropriate charts for you.
  • Route Planning and Monitoring - Position way-points easily by clicking the mouse button or edit them manually for precise positioning. 'On Route' information includes bearing and distance to next waypoint. All routes can be saved and re-used as required.
  • Extended Track Line - Shows your boat's position at 30 and 60 minutes based on current speed and course.
  • Flashing light sequences. (on vector charts as available)
  • Multiple chart windows - Plan and monitor your passage in different windows at different levels of zoom. Alternatively monitor your position in one window while planning your passage in another.
  • Uses high quality Livechart vector charts - Livecharts are mainly derived directly from S57 data provided from the Hydrographic offices - so no problems of manual digitization from paper charts.
  • seaPro lite+ support for multiple chart formats including S57, both encrypted (AVCS, Primar, Australian HO) and un-encrypted cells, raster formats such as BSB/BSB4. Seamless changes between the different formats - allow seaPro lite+ to automatically choose the best scaled.
  • Navionics chart option - with this 'add on' use your own Navionics charts (Gold and Platinum) - currently not available.
  • Tidal Curves - view the tidal heights for most of the major and minor ports in the world. (requires purchase of optional tidal database)
  • Built in support for multiple chart types both vector and raster BSB,Livechart and the new official S57 data (option). Seamless change between the different formats - allow seaPro to automatically choose the best scaled chart for you.
  • Tidal passage planning - Using tidal data from official sources, where available, seaPro will calculate passage time, expected ground track, course to steer and best departure time. You can also enter your own tidal diamonds.
  • Tidal streams - Where available, visual tidal vectors can also be displayed on the chart or can be manually entered.
  • Weather information download GRIB weather files and display the weather patterns over your charts -wind, pressure, wave height, temperature etc. ( depends on the source of your weather information). Use the GRIB weather data when automatically calculating your passage plan (weather routing)
  • Weather routing - For sailing yachts, planning is made even easier. Using information on your yachts sailing performance (polar diagram), tidal data and predicted wind (from a GRIB weather file or manually entered) seaPro will calculate the best route either between two points or from your route, adding tacking points as required making best use of wind and tide. If you have more than one sail plan you even get suggestions when to change sails.
  • Enhanced weather routing - Tune for the best route taking into account weather and tidal conditions to give the best performance possible. Define no-go areas and the planned route will not cross these zones.
  • Chart zoom & panning tools - move around charts quickly and easily.
  • Measure Tool - Measure distances and bearings quickly.
  • Dockable Toolbars - Place your toolbars where you need them, either on the chart or neatly stowed at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Chart Overlay - add your own marks, text, lines,areas for favorite fishing,anchoring or diving sites etc.
  • Fuel calculations - For the powerboat and motor yacht owner, this feature gives estimated fuel consumption when planning a route.
  • Instrument Panel - Interfaced to your instruments via NMEA0183, seaPro will display this information in the repeater panel. (position, log, wind speed & direction, depth, heading & temperature)
  • Position & Track Logging - GPS data is automatically written to the log at predetermined intervals and can be replayed or reviewed at a later date. Drop different 'marker flags' to indicate 'man overboard' or points of interest into the log with a single press of a button.
  • Log Playback/animation of previous own vessel log.
  • Polar diagrams - The wind/speed performance characteristics of a sailing yacht can be entered and updated. This is then displayed graphically as a polar diagram and enables you to determine the maximum boat speed achievable for a given wind speed and wind angle.
  • Voice output - The voice output feature will keep you updated on your vessels speed, heading and progress along your route at either fixed time intervals or when the information changes. (English version only)
  • Visual wind direction - The geographic wind direction is displayed as an icon relative to the vessel, with numeric wind speed and direction.
  • Visual tacking angles - User configurable, these are displayed from the vessel.
  • Visual laylines - These are displayed on the active waypoint and will continually update taking into account the wind and tide. The laylines can also be shown from the target marker flag, allowing quick changes of tactics.
  • Wind on Next Leg - After entering your course this feature will display the wind direction on each leg. This will help with preparations for spinnaker pole setup and tactical planning.
  • Polar data auto-update - Allows polar diagrams to be updated from live incoming instrument data. (polar information can also be entered manually for various sail plans)
  • Performance meter - Displays your current boat speed, target speed and performance percentage.
  • Race planning - Start & finish line positions can be entered including race route with indicators for port and starboard marks. A start countdown timer can be displayed with audio start and warning signals.
  • Instrument displays - Up to nineteen ‘virtual’ instrument (data repeaters) can be displayed on screen. Each instrument can be configured to give a voice output. (English version only)
  • True Geographic Wind - Show the' wind direction, in a perfect world this would be the same as the weather forecast (but it probably won't be!) - great for visualizing future tactics and wind shifts.
  • Current Tide Stream - The current tidal stream is shown as an arrow close to the yacht indicating rate and direction. The shown stream can either be the predicted value, from the instruments (VDR) or calculated from GPS/Heading speed values.
  • Tactical Race Panel - A simple window allows you to setup and modify a race route, complete with start and finish lines, port/starboard passing of markers - Great for round the cans racing where simple and quick race planning is required.
  • Advanced Logging Features - High performance data logging of your instrument data, allowing monitoring and analysis of your sailing performance.
  • Start Timer - Multiple start countdown timers can be displayed with audio start and warning signals. Start line position can also be overlaid on the screen.
  • AIS - when connected to an AIS receiver or AIS transponder (class A or B) see information on other AIS equipped vessels (General AIS information).
  • NAVTEX - support for the dual frequency NAVTEX receiver gives free Marine weather forecasts and other information.
  • Autopilot Control - Once a route has been created, information can be sent to the NMEA0183 compatible autopilot allowing it to steer to each waypoint.
  • GPS - Support for multiple serial ports or GPS/AIS data via a wired/wireless ethernet connection (TCP/IP).
  • PC Radar interface - display radar overlay images on the chart, plus full control of the radar from within seaPro - requires Koden Radar PC.
  • ARPA radar interface - display radar targets overlayed on the chart, with extended track line and information on Close Point of Approach (CPA/TCPA) etc. when interfaced to a suitable ATPA/MARPA radar with NMEA 183 output.
  • Mast Displays - from leading suppliers such as B&G, Silva and NKE are supported with special NMEA 183 outputs - provide vital performance information where you need it most - on deck.

Visual Wind Direction Instrument Panel Performance Meter

Sailing Panel Setup Polar Diagram Visual Tacking Angles
Features & Benefits
  • All features of SeaPro Lite and SeaPro Standard including Simple Set Up, Shows Vessel Chart Position Real-time, Easy Route Planning & Monitoring, Full Autopilot Control, Extended Track Line, Navtex Interface & Data Display, GPS Interface & Data Display, AIS Interface & Data Display, Range & Bearing Measure Tools, Chart Overlay (own marks, text, lines, areas), Tidal Curve Functions (Heights), Vector Chart Format inc Livecharts, Raster Chart Formats, Multiple Chart Windows, Built-in Support for Multiple Chart Types, Tidal Passage Planning, Tidal Streams, PC Radar Interface, ARPA Radar Interface, GRIB Weather Information, Fuel Calculations, Instrument Panel, Position & Track Logging, Log Playback/animation, Polar Diagrams, Weather Routing, Voice Output
  • Visual Wind Direction
  • Visual Tacking Angles
  • Visual Laylines
  • Wind On Next Leg
  • Polar Data Auto-update
  • Performance Meter
  • Enhanced Weather Routing
  • Race planning
  • Instrument Displays
  • Mast Displays
  • True Geographic Wind
  • Current Tide Stream
  • Tactical Race Panel
  • Advanced Logging Features
  • Start Timer

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