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Vesper Marine, a manufacturer based in New Zealand, is dedicated to creating marine safety products with technically superior features, but just as important, easy to use.

Marine safety is too important to be hidden deep in menus or displayed on cluttered screens that make it hard to determine what’s important and what’s just noise.

Rather than repackaging existing designs, Vesper Marine's innovative design team develops products from the ground up. This allows much greater flexibility and better product performance.

Designs are brought to life by a highly trained and skilled manufacturing team.

Vesper Marine has many years of experience developing unique AIS technology and are well-known for sharing their knowledge.

When you buy a Vesper Marine product, you can be certain it’s 100% best-of-breed and that you’ll receive outstanding technical support both before and after you buy.

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VAB-1252 Virtual AIS AtoN Beacon
The world’s first Virtual AIS Beacon makes hazards at sea visible when costly physical infrastructure is not appropriate or impossible to deploy.