WatchMate Asset Protection

WatchMate Asset Protection

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Vesper Marine WatchMate Asset Protection

Marine Asset Protection

WatchMate Asset Protection™ is a 24/7 web-based service that proactively guards marine assets by combining live vessel positions from Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) with virtual Aids to Navigation (AtoNs). This allows asset owners to protect their marine assets by marking them to make them visible to vessels, monitoring vessel traffic, being alerted when high risk activity is detected and preventing incidents through proactive notification directly to vessels.

Incident Prevention

When marine assets are damaged by vessel activity, the cost to the asset owner is far more than the expensive and time consuming process of repairs. Lost production or service outage, environmental and regulatory implications can result in immense cost. With increasing shipping and a proliferation of marine assets, the likelihood of an incident will only increase. WatchMate Asset Protection™ allows asset owners to protect their marine assets by providing incoming vessels with passive and active alerts and the information needed to take preventative action.

  1. Remotely mark your assets with virtual Aids to Navigation (AtoNs) that are visible to vessels through their on-board AIS systems.
  2. View real-time location, speed, direction and details of vessels in the area.
  3. Using configurable smart rules, be alerted when a vessel poses a risk to an asset.
  4. Automatically communicate to the vessel by sending a message to their AIS using the Virtual AIS Beacon.

Example Usage Cases

WatchMate Asset Protection is unique in its ability to differentiate between vessels that are operating normally (and therefore not a risk) and those that are potentially about to damage your asset. It gives both passive and active protection against higher risk activity near:

  • Oil and gas facilities and pipelines – protecting surface and submarine assets.
  • Electricity and telecoms cables – preventing accidental damage by fishing, dredging, anchors etc.
  • Port facilities – unauthorized or unsafe vessel activity.
  • Coastal marine zones – detection and prevention of unauthorized activity and enhanced vessel safety.

VAB-1252 Virtual AIS AtoN Beacon

The worlds first Virtual AIS Beacon™ remotely marks multiple marine assets without the need for costly physical infrastructure. By monitoring vessel traffic within your protection zones it provides real time visibility of high risk activity. When used in conjunction with WatchMate Asset Protection service the Virtual AIS Beacon prevents accidents through proactive notifications directly to the vessel’s AIS. Used by ports, offshore gas facilities, environmental protection authorities and many others, Vesper Marine Virtual AIS AtoN Beacons have been deployed around the world to improve marine safety and protect assets.

Proactively guard your marine assets

WatchMate Asset Protection gives you the reassurance that your assets are being effectively monitored, that warnings will be produced if your assets could be at risk, and that vital evidence will be available if the asset is damaged. Implementing WatchMate Asset Protection is fast, painless and cost effective. Find out how we can help you prevent damage to your marine assets by contacting us today at [email protected].


  • WatchMate Asset Protection Annual Subscription (price per year)
Features & Benefits
  • Comprehensive functionality and rich features enable customization and control of how assets are marked how alert rules are configured and what proactive messages are sent to vessels.
  • Create multiple protection zones around your assets by defining buffer areas or drawing specific coordinates.
  • Route position lists and asset location coordinates can be uploaded in a variety of coordinate formats.
  • Set up vessel groups and assign individual vessels to groups: e.g. trusted vessels such as work boats and tenders.
  • Configure alerts based on smart rules including vessel type and vessel groups, speed over ground, change in speed (sudden slowing), change in direction (veering off course).
  • Changes to rules can be tested using historical data, rather than waiting months for the next event to test their effectiveness.
  • Interrogate individual vessel details, track the vessel, and measure the distance from the asset.
  • Define the type of alarm based upon severity: raise audible and visible alarms within the control room or network operations center, send automatic SMS or email to a defined group of users.
  • Automatic and early warning of a potentially damaging situation.
  • All data is securely logged and kept indefinitely so evidence can be provided if the asset is damaged.
  • Configure your own protection zones, smart rules and alerts.
  • Rewind and playback historical vessel movements.
  • Service delivery online using a standard web-browser
  • Simple to use, with an intuitive interface.
  • All features of the service can be configured online and used from any location.
  • No application installation or maintenance is required.

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