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Nauticast AIS AtoN Transponder Package KEPCGB-19T Maritime Glass-Bridge TouchsreenDisplay SeaPro Professional Electronic Chart System M100 Professional MSLD AIS/Homing Locator Device Telesupply JTM-30C-250-SV Non-Directional Beacon
The Nauticast AtoN2-3 offers full Aid-to-Navigation functionality in compliance with IEC 62320-2 Ed. 2 for maritime shipping. The Nauticast AtoN2-3 is supported by a powerful Windows application Link2AIS. The Nauticast AtoN Type3 (Aid To Navigation) package includes GPS and VHF Antennas with 5m Cables, Software and Documentation. KEP Marine’s KEPCGB-19T glass bridge Touchscreen display allows maximum screen size in the smallest spaces available. This rugged display has been developed to withstand the harsh conditions of the commercial marine industry. It is ideal for helms with limited space and can be mounted side by side to save even more precious space. KEP Marines unique dual-touch technology allows the use of 2 fingers to control the display. SeaPro Professional is a powerful electronic charting and navigation system designed for the modern Navigator (ECS, sub-ECDIS). Available as software or fully integrated bridge system, seaPro provides practical real-time navigation that interfaces to GPS, ship board sensors, AIS and ARPA radar's. The M100 and M100X MSLD (Maritime Survivor Locating Device) from Ocean Signal has been designed to meet the needs of the professional marine market and its offshore workers. The M100 and M100X can be fitted to a life jacket or immersion suit and will automatically activate on inflation of the jacket or on submersion when fitted to the suit. The JTM-30C-250-SV is a new generation, all-in-one, Single Transmitter 250W P.E.P. NDB  (Non-Directional-Beacon) Radio Transmitter designed for on-board use by oil rigs, deep-sea vessels and offshore vessels as Helicopter Beacon. Easy and cost effective to install, complying with worldwide NDB specifications and using reliable digital technology. Single Version with single PA/Exciter.
SeaPro Patrol Electronic Chart System ATA100 AIS Class-A Transponder OptiPlex XE2 Desktop PC PRO-BUF-1-BAS-R Professional NMEA 0183 Buffer TB560 AIS Tracking Beacon
SeaPro Patrol is a powerful navigation system, which provides logging and reporting functions for enforcement and similar operations. The seaPro Patrol & Enforcement System offers worldwide functionality through use of high quality raster and vector electronic charting formats. The ATA100 AIS Transponder is a fully compliant Class-A transceiver, providing real time marine traffic information displayed on a 7” full-colour, rapid-response LCD. The coastline map view and radar view have various user-selectable orientation display options, whilst a standard target list display gives immediate detailed listings of nearby vessels which can be sorted to the owner’s desire. The durable, versatile Dell OptiPlex XE2 desktop PC features an ultra-long lifecycle and the world’s best management capabilities. Adaptable NMEA 0183 Buffer with two OPTO-isolated inputs and twelve ISO-DriveTM isolated outputs, making ground loops a thing of the past and keeping devices safe from damage. The AMEC AIS Tracking Beacon (TB560) is a simplified “AIS Class B” device that offers an efficient and cost effective vessel tracking solution.
NDC-5 NMEA 0183 Multiplexer NAV-TRACKER 1.0-60 PRO-MUX-1-BAS-R Professional NMEA 0183 Multiplexer Fortigate FG-100D NGF/UTM Firewall PRO-MUX-1-BAS-S Professional NMEA 0183 Multiplexer
A robust and highly flexible NMEA 0183 Multiplexer that cures many inter-connectivity headaches! The five NMEA 0183 inputs can be routed to any of the two NMEA 0183 outputs, as well as the serial and Ethernet ports providing a highly customisable network. The bi-directional serial port and Ethernet port also allow for simple configuration and diagnostics using Actisense software. The configuration tool is accessible via any popular web browser (using the Ethernet port) so there are no PC operating system compatibility issues to contend with. NAV-TRACKER is a self contained, "install-and-forget" Inmarsat Satellite based GPS tracking system. This system receives its position reports from GPS Satellites, then relays this information over the Inmarsat Satellite Network to ground stations and to shore-based servers. The information is then available to the ship owner on any computer with an internet connection or as a daily email or SMS text message to a cell phone. Includes 60ft antenna cable. A robust and highly flexible professional NMEA 0183 Multiplexer that cures many inter-connectivity headaches! Eight NMEA 0183 inputs can be routed to any of six NMEA 0183 outputs, providing a highly customisable network. A bi-directional serial port and an Ethernet port for simple configuration and diagnostics. PRO-MUX-1-BAS-R version with screw terminals. The FortiGate 100D series installs in minutes, automatically downloading regular updates to protect against the latest viruses, network vulnerabilities, worms, spam and phishing attacks, and malicious websites with no administrator intervention. A robust and highly flexible professional NMEA 0183 Multiplexer that cures many inter-connectivity headaches! Eight NMEA 0183 inputs can be routed to any of six NMEA 0183 outputs, providing a highly customisable network. A bi-directional serial port and an Ethernet port for simple configuration and diagnostics. PRO-MUX-1-BAS-S version with screwless terminals.
EDF1 Electronic Distress Flare SeaPro Pilot Electronic Chart System 3002002 Nauticast W1 Serial to WiFi Server with A/C PSU A2K-RSK-1 NMEA 2000 Reduced Starter Kit EMU-1 NMEA2000 Engine Monitoring Unit
The rescueME EDF1 electronic distress flare offers users a safe and long-lasting solution to visual signalling in an emergency. The unique lens design combined with the use of advanced LEDs and highly efficient circuit technology ensures a constant level of light output throughout the life of the user replaceable battery. SeaPro Pilot provides a powerful yet easy to use 'carry on-board' solution for ship Pilots, who want their own independent navigation and information system, removing the reliance on the ships own ECDIS/Navigation system. The pilot system interfaces to the ships data using the pilot plug on the ships AIS transponder, giving instant access to ships Position, Heading, COG/SOG/Rate of Turn and AIS targets. Nauticast Serial to WiFi Server; Connects serial data (RS-232 or RS-422/485) to WIFI (server or client) The A2K-RSK RIB STARTER KIT is an ideal solution for RIB users that wish to install an NMEA 2000 network. The Actisense EMU-1 is a specialised analogue to NMEA 2000 Gateway which converts data from analogue engine senders into NMEA 2000. The EMU-1 enables NMEA 2000 display devices to monitor one or two engines on a vessel.
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Lambda Marine is an innovative Value-Added-Solution Provider and System Integrator of maritime Information and Communication Technology for the Deepsea, Offshore, Oil & Gas and Leisureboat markets. Our mission is to bring ships online using the latest in information and communication technology. Using 30 years of unique industry experience, we supply, install, integrate, engineer and maintain maritime communication, IT and navigation systems. As many of our satisfied customers can testify, we use a customer-friendly and can-do philosophy. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions on-time and within your budget. Our website contains a detailed online product catalogue with a full overview of our products, systems and solutions. Do feel free to contact us in case there are any products you can not find or for customized solutions, system integration or consultancy. Tel: +971 (06) 5517330 - email: info(at)lambdamarine.com