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XB-6000 AIS Class-B Nauticast B2 AIS Class-B Transponder Package XB-8000 AIS Class-B
The world's first Class B AIS with built-in NMEA 2000 gateway converting navigation instrument data so it can be viewed on your PC or Mac. It is the most full-featured Class B AIS "black box" transponder and Vesper Marine makes the only AIS transponders that can be used as a GPS source for all NMEA 2000 networks. The Nauticast B2 is a fully certified class B AIS Transponder exceeding all relevant specifications. Developed and manufactured in Austria/Europe, based upon 20 years of experience, it features a striking and practical design and offers convincing and astonishing results in practice capable of receiving targets at a range of more than 70 NM or 130 km. The XB-8000 integrates AIS, GPS and NMEA information with WiFi allowing for the ultimate in safety, peace of mind and enjoyment on the water. A unique Class-B AIS black-box transponder allowing AIS and GPS information to be viewed from anywhere on your boat. The XB-8000 is like having three products all in one compact and affordable package; AIS transponder, Wi-Fi Router, NMEA2000 gateway.
ATB1 Class-B AIS Transponderr WatchMate WMX850 AIS Class-B XB-9000 AIS Class-B
ATB1 fully compliant Class-B SOTDMA AIS Transponder from Ocean Signal with faster reporting rate and higher output power than CSTDMA class B units. AIS WATCHMATE 850 TRANSPONDER Class-B includes a built-in AIS Transponder with two channel parallel receiver and transmitter. This high performance transponder means greater range and increased safety. It also makes installation easier XB-9000 WatchMate Vision is a Touchscreen AIS Class-B transponder with WiFi. Vision brings a new dimension to AIS information by the intuitive way it eliminates unwanted alarms and removes clutter from the display. It shows and prioritizes only the targets that have a current collision while allowing the user to customize the powerful features to their current situation (Offshore, Coastal,Harbor or Anchored).
VAB-1252 Virtual AIS AtoN Beacon
The world’s first Virtual AIS Beacon makes hazards at sea visible when costly physical infrastructure is not appropriate or impossible to deploy.