VAB-1252 Virtual AIS AtoN Beacon

VAB-1252 Virtual AIS AtoN Beacon
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Vesper Marine VAB-1252 Virtual AIS AtoN Beacon

Create AtoNs… at the push of a button!

The world’s first Virtual AIS Beacon makes hazards at sea visible when costly physical infrastructure is not appropriate or impossible to deploy.

The VAB-1252 Virtual AIS AtoN Beacon remotely and electronically marks hazards such as platforms, subsea pipelines, bridges, piers, reefs, buoys, towed sonar arrays, shipping channels, anchorage areas and/or sand bars etc. so that they become visible on ECDIS, Chart Plotters and other AIS systems and can be used to prevent collisions and other marine accidents. The Virtual AIS Beacon is what is known as an Aid to Navigation (AtoN); examples of AtoN’s are buoy’s, lateral marks, cardinal markers and lighthouses. These AtoN’s are physical structures and usually marked on marine charts. In contrast, the Virtual AIS Beacon is an electronic virtual marker of a hazard. These electronic virtual markers are recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a Virtual Aid to Navigation (VAtoN).

Port Authorities, companies and organizations with Offshore Oil & Gas operations, Marina operators etc. can enhance safety and marine communications in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way. The Virtual AIS Beacon allows multiple marker signals (Virtual aids to Navigation) to be transmitted. Each Virtual Aid to Navigation (VAtoN) is created by sending a unique signal from the Virtual AIS Beacon location (point A) that marks a remote hazardous point (point B). This virtual mark, point B, is displayed as a navigational item or hazard on a ship’s chart plotter or other receivers when in range of the transmitting equipment.

A Complete Shore Station

Using secure, encrypted communications, the Virtual AIS Beacon provides AIS source information for the WatchMate Asset Protection service. When combined with this service, you can guard your marine assets 24/7 with smart rules automating alerts to you and at-risk vessels. By monitoring vessel traffic within your protection zones it provides real time visibility of high risk activity. When used in conjunction with the WatchMate Asset Protection service the Virtual AIS Beacon prevents accidents through proactive notifications sent directly to vessel’s AIS. As a standalone shore station, the Virtual AIS Beacon enables you to:

  • Mark hazards or protection zones providing visibility to vessels
  • Monitor all AIS traffic in the vicinity
  • Communicate using AIS alert messages sent directly vessels.

What is Virtual AIS?

When a Virtual AIS Beacon is deployed and marking hazards such as a reef, buoy, pipeline or other obstacles, a ship’s existing onboard AIS Transponder, ECDIS, ECS and/or AIS capable Radar system is able to alert crews that they are on a collision course with the hazard well before they come in contact with it. Other uses of the Virtual AIS Beacon include:

  • Marking shipping channels, used to “join the dots” between physical buoys to improve shipping lane visibility
  • Marking areas where navigation conditions change frequently, including; overhead clearance, ice, water levels, etc
  • Marking both visible and invisible hazards, including; bridges, buoys, platforms, underwater pipelines, marina/piers, lighthouses, reefs or shellfish beds
  • Marking moving hazards such as sand bars, underwater towed sonar arrays etc. to regularly provide changes in location and provide alert warnings
And can even be used to create temporary cordons around events such as boat or yacht races and swim courses or other no-go areas such as hazardous spills, marine protected areas, etc. One of many examples of where the Virtual AIS Beacon can be used is to mark a shipping channel (image below). This might be needed to augment existing physical buoys or to implement a temporary route.

Electronically mark hazards at sea in a low cost, environmentally friendly, easy to deploy way; enhancing safety at sea and protecting coastal environments.

This beacon is not complicated by AIS network management and configuration features. It’s designed to do the job of configuring and transmitting AtoN marks with ease. The beacon is fully waterproof (IPx7) and includes everything needed to be up and running including Virtual AIS Beacon PC software that manages anywhere from 5 up to 65 virtual or synthetic marks (depending on purchased configuration). The beacon also includes main and/or DC power supplies, and comes complete with all cables, GPS and AIS antennas and mounting systems to suit your requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how the multi international award winning VAB-1252 Virtual AIS Beacon can solve some of your Aids to Navigation infrastructure issues. Please contact us at [email protected].


  • VAB-1252 Virtual AIS AtoN Beacon
  • GPS Antenna with 10m cable
  • Power Adaptor for 120-240VAC, 12VDC power supply
  • Administration, configuration and monitoring Software for MS Windows and Mac
Features & Benefits
  • Create AtoNs… at the push of a button!
  • Can be deployed at a much lower cost than physical Aids to Navigation.
  • No on-going maintenance costs such as associated with physical Aids to Navigation.
  • Remotely Transmits Multiple Aids to Navigation (AtoN)
  • Allows Virtual AtoN Markers to be placed in locations where it is impossible to install physical markers
  • Mark both visible and invisible hazards, including platforms, subsea pipelines, bridges, piers, reefs, buoys, towed sonar arrays etc.
  • Mark the locations of seismic streamers towed behind survey vessels
  • Guard offshore platforms and multiple hazard areas around offshore rigs
  • Mark shipping channels and anchorage areas
  • Mark moving hazards such as sand bars
  • Create and move marked locations as conditions change, such as bar entrances, temporary safety zones, anchorage and mooring areas.
  • Create temporary cordons around hazardous spills, wrecks, marine protected areas etc
  • Fast & Cost Effective Way to place numerous AtoNs
  • Easy To Install, Easy to Operate, Easy to Maintain
  • Robust & Reliable

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ETH1252 Ethernet Network Option WatchMate Asset Protection LIC5 Virtual Marker License Pack MNT1252 Annual Maintenance Agreement




ETH1252 Ethernet Network Option WatchMate Asset Protection LIC5 Virtual Marker License Pack MNT1252 Annual Maintenance Agreement

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