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KEP Marine, founded in 1960, is a designer and manufacturer of industrial displays, electronic flow instrumentation, PLC peripherals, counters/timers, rate meters, industrial computers and HMI software.

The company is constantly improving its products, anticipating the needs of markets and listening to customers.

Recognizing the drawbacks of many of the factory display products available, KEP expanded its line of displays to serve a growing worldwide market in human-machine interfaces (HMIs), embedded software and smart devices.

KEP’s engineers created In-Sight™ Displays using proprietary technology to make marine-grade LCDs able to perform under tropical glare and heat without the hazards and inefficiency of added backlights.

KEP Marine was formed to market In-Sight™ and related products to serve nautical customers. The KEP Marine line of products now includes: Sunlight Readable and Pilot House Displays, Glass Bridge Displays, Bridgeview Monitor Management, Marine PC’s and Multimedia Computer Systems, Underwater LED Lights for Boats and Docks, Vessel Monitoring System (IVMS) and Navigation Systems.

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