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Viking Navigation Software

Viking Navigation Software
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Viking Navigation Software

Viking Navigation - Introduction

Viking Navigation is a professional navigation software package, part of the Viking suite of products, aimed at the offshore, dredging, hydro-graphic survey and marine construction industry.

The package, made by CT Systems, has been developed using decades of industry experience and is used on many vessels all over the world. Viking Navigation can be configured and customized as per user requirements and can be supplied in different versions and with several optional modules depending on the type of vessel and user application. Viking features a clean, simple to use Graphical User Interface.

World-leading offshore operators such as GDF Suez, Smit, TOS, Vroon and many others are using Viking to facilitate safe, efficient and effective offshore navigation.

Viking Navigation - What is it?

Viking is a modular, scalable, easy to use navigation software package, running on a MS Windows PC. It interfaces to the vessels navigation sensor(s), such as GPS, RTK etc., and displays the vessels position on a digital chart, using multiple layers to select and present active chart data and objects. When interfaced to an AIS receiver, all vessels in the vicinity are displayed as well. Different chart types can be selected, the Viking chart format, the optional Navionics format or the DXF format. Zooming is seamless in Viking, maintaining superb chart quality at all zoom levels. Viking features a built-in Vector Chart Editor and an advanced Ship Designer, making it one of the most flexible navigation packages in the industry.

The Viking Navigation software consists of several standard and optional modules and is available in different versions aimed at different applications. The standard Viking Navigation version is configured for all general offshore applications. Viking Dredge and Dredge Pro are specifically configured for the dredging industry and Viking Survey for the survey industry. Viking Navigation can be extended with an optional Anchoring Module to plan, plot and execute anchor locations, a Distance Control Module to display the exact distance and course from one or multiple points on board to one or multiple remote locations, a Gridding Module to plot and use crane operational grids and a Network Module to communicate with other vessels equipped with Viking Navigation to exchange and display position and other information.

A full Viking Navigation configuration provides an easy to use, real-time picture of the vessels position, course and speed on your favorite digital chart in relation to other vessels and offshore objects. Viking Navigation increases situational awareness, operational safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

Viking Navigation - What does it do?

Depending on actual configuration and interfacing, Viking Navigation can perform any or all of the following functions:

Viking Navigation as Electronic Chart Display Software

The Viking navigation screen displays the loaded chart and plots the selected vessel using multiple layers.

Layers include:
  • An Object Layer to display ship(s) and special objects such as anchors, COG, markers etc.
  • A Tracking Layer to display vessel tracks
  • A Viking Chart Layer to display navigation charts in Viking format
  • A Matrix Layer used only in Viking Dredge and Survey to display dredging and survey matrices
  • A Background Layer to display Navionics format vector navigation charts.

Operation by the user of the navigation screen is made easy with various modes, menus, top/bottom/left/right display bars and tools for mouse or keyboard operation. A number of different color schemes are available in normal, light, sun, dusk and night modes. All relevant information such as position, speed, course, tracks, heading and/or distance/bearing are displayed in a clean and simple to use manner.

Viking Navigation as Electronic Chart Editor Software

Viking by default uses Viking Charts, optionally Navionics charts and in addition can import and use DXF charts. DXF charts are converted to and saved in Viking Chart format, which uses the WGS84 datum. The software can select and edit Viking Charts and also record vessel tracks, containing a history of ships position, speed, heading, GPS quality, date and time. Tracks can also be converted to and saved as Viking Charts and are easily recalled and replayed using the built-in Track Manager. Since Viking Charts are vectorized, editing is easy and new objects can be created and positioned using an extensive array of tools. Viking has a built-in printing feature, which allows for printing of hard copies of the navigation screen on different paper sizes.

Viking Navigation as a Ship Editor

In offshore industry applications, commonly precise positioning systems are used. Therefore it is critical to be able to edit ships and objects in navigation charts with equal precision. Viking has a built-in Ship Editor, which has the ability to draw ships of virtually any shape and size in great accuracy. In addition Viking features a Fix Points feature, which enables the definition of points on the ship where special devices, such as GPS antennas or Echo-sounders, or reference points, such as anchors, are located.

Viking Navigation, although using layered and vectorized charts, is not an ECDIS and therefore does not require IMO approval. The software is specifically aimed at the Offshore Industry and can contribute significantly in safety, efficiency and effectiveness of offshore navigation and planning, monitoring and execution of offshore industry projects. All of the above functionality is accessible through an easy to use, logical and ergonomically designed Graphical User Interface, developed over decades in cooperation with Viking Navigation users. Further details on this can be found in the "Extended Information" section.

Viking Navigation - How does it help?

The Viking Navigation software, specifically developed for the offshore industry, can help navigators on board of all types of offshore vessels with all aspects of safe navigation and offshore project operations. Commonly the following phenomena are of particular interest to Viking Navigation users.

Local Chart Projection and DXF Support

Merchant marine deep-sea navigators are primarily concerned with existing coast lines, ports and approaches available on any ECDIS or ECS. Offshore industry navigators are commonly interested in operating in the vicinity of specific offshore objects, often new or under construction, and with a higher degree of navigational accuracy. Therefore it is important to be able to use and/or create local charts and customized objects. Viking Navigation supports local chart projections and allows importing of charts in DXF format. This format is commonly used in the planning and execution of offshore, dredging and marine construction work since it can handle large amounts of detailed and precise chart and object data. Viking can therefore handle virtually any offshore project drawings to create, edit and share customized chart data in any kind of form. Lines, areas, circles, scaling text, fixed sized text, remarks and symbols can all be added, removed or modified to create a dedicated and fully customized project chart.

Polygon Area Overlay

Offshore projects commonly involve operations in chart areas that are not circular shaped. Viking Navigation has various tools to deal with this effectively, including the polygon overlay function. This feature can mark areas in a polygon shape, using Lat/Long coordinates, or Northings and Eastings if desired. Colors, patterns and line types can all be set to create an effective representation of the area of interest.

Viking Navigation Tool Box

To facilitate offshore navigation project tasks, Viking incorporates some very useful tools, easily accessible from the Tool Box menu or Tools Tab. These include a measure tool to measure distances between objects on the navigation screen, a follow ship tool to lock the view on the ships current location, and a show track tool to show past and current tracks of the vessel. The navigation screen can be orientated north up or course up and the positioning of the ships center on the screen can be customized. A simulator tool is also available, to simulate a ships position, speed course and heading. The marker tool enables placing markers on the ships location or mouse location anywhere on the screen, facilitating easy customization of project charts including selection of marker symbols, colors and text. All markers can be saved to Viking Charts as overlays to enable future use.

Viking Navigation Track Manager

In offshore operations the ability to monitor and analyze vessel past movements is often crucial, therefore Viking incorporates an extensive Track Manager. All ships movements can be recorded in tracks, which are stored in WGS84 lat/long, including speed, heading and GPS signal quality and number of satellites. Recording and playback can be customized and tracks can be converted to Viking Chart format and saved to any, user selectable, Viking Chart.

Viking Equipment Manager

Offshore vessels commonly are fitted with a wide range of navigation sensors. It is therefore critical for navigation software to be able to interface with different makes, models and types of navigation systems. Viking incorporates a versatile Equipment Manager, which allows to add and manage virtually any type of navigation equipment. Communication ports, bit rates, parity types, stop bits and flow control can all be individually selected to ensure compatibility of communication protocols. Redundancy priorities can be programmed to ensure sensor inputs are maintained, and connections can be monitored and logged.


The above are just some examples of the many features and functions Viking Navigation can offer to assist offshore operators and navigators involved in offshore projects. Using its built-in Module Manager, it can also be customized and specialized with additional extension modules to meet the specific needs of various types of dredging vessels, survey vessels and offshore construction vessels.

Viking Navigation In Summary

Viking Navigation is a versatile, flexible and proven navigation software solution for all types of offshore vessels. The software uses a clean, simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface which enables the user to operate the package in just a few minutes with minimum effort. Viking Navigation is constantly developed and kept up to date, to accommodate new user needs and requirements, assuring you of a state-of-the-art and unique offshore navigation tool.

If reading the above has aroused your interest and you are an offshore ship owner/operator keen on increasing the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of your vessel and/or fleet, feel free to contact Lambda Marine for a free demonstration at your office.

Lambda Marine, a system integrator and solution provider, represents the CT Systems Viking suite of solutions for the Middle East.

Features & Benefits
  • Advanced graphical Ship Designer, built-in vector chart editor and extensive marker tools to customize project charts for any offshore vessel.
  • Worldwide chart datum, DXF and local chart projection support for ultimate project planning and execution flexibility.
  • Extensive navigation track recording and playback functions to monitor and analyze historic vessel project movements.
  • Easy to use, ergonomic and intuitive Graphical User Interface, with layered presentation of chart and object information with easy to use displays and menus.
  • Navigation simulator to simulate vessel's future movements.
  • Viking Chart or Navionics chart format support to enable using your favorite chart type.
  • Night, dusk and sun display modes for clear operations under any conditions.
  • NMEA navigation device support with RS232/422/485, TCP/IP, UDP physical and virtual com-port support for flexible and comprehensive sensor interfacing.
  • Printer support for A4 to A0 paper size printing.
  • Viking Modules expansion manager to meet any local customization demands.

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