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Various optional Phones, Handsets, Cradles for communication systems.
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401200 Telephone Handset for P411/421 6201 SAILOR Handset with cradle A24 Industrial Weatherproof Telephone
Telephone Handset for use with P411 and P421 Telephone Units SAILOR 6201 Handset with cradle The A24 is an Industrial Weatherproof (IP66) Telephone with headset connection for Bulkhead Mounting in Engine Room, Steering Gear Room, noisy areas etc.
AT&T Analogue handset POTS Phone Unit for Citadel ComCenter II EBT430 Fush Mounted Telephone
Analogue Handset for use with Horizon Multi-VoIP units. POTS Phone Unit for Citadel ComCenter II for additional bridge installation The EBT430 is Flush Mounted Telephone with handset for Flush Mounting easy integration in Alarm and Control Consoles, tables and desks. Both horizontal and vertical mounting is possible. Due to its standard complete equipment, the built-in telephone can be used for many applications. Equipped with an analogue extension, the telephone may be used with all telephone systems.
P220 Watertight Heavy Duty IP66 Telephone P411 Flush Mounted Telephone SAILOR 6203 Waterproof Handset with Cradle
SAILOR 6203 Handset Waterproof IPx6 Including cradle
List Price: $220.00
Our Price: $215.00
P220 Waterproof Heavy Duty IP66 Telephone for Engineroom, Galley, Deck Stations etc. P411 Flush Mounted Telephone for Bridge and other Consoles. SAILOR 6203 Waterproof Handset with Craddle
Thrane IP Handset & Cradle TX250 Wall/Desk Telephone with Display TX500 Wall/Desk Telephone
Thrane IP Handset & Cradle, Wired
List Price: $1,095.00
Our Price: $1,090.00
The Thrane IP Handset 403670A-00500 is for voice use with FBB terminals. TX250 Wall/Desk Mounted Telephone with Caller-ID Display for use in cabins, mess rooms etc. TX500 Wall/Desk Mounted Telephone for use in cabins, mess rooms etc.