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Various Alarm Panels for Nav & Com systems.
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Alpha BNWAS Cabin Alarm Unit BNWAS_ALR2 VL-BNWAS Alarm Stage 2 Cabin Unit BNWAS_ALRBA VL-BNWAS Alarm Box Outdoor
Alpha BNWAS Cabin Alarm Unit Cabin Alarm Unit for the VL-BNWAS for use in cabins including light and buzzer. Additional reset button for the VL-BNWAS for use at the  Bridge Wings.
Microphone/Alarm Panel SAILOR 6101 Alarm Panel Mini-C GMDSS SAILOR 6103 GMDSS Multi Alarm Panel
Built-in, flush mounted, Microphone/Alarm Panel for use with AlphaAnnounce Public Addressing System in Bridge and other Consoles. The SAILOR 6101 Alarm Panel is dedicated to Inmarsat C. It has one distress button for sending distress alerts over the Inmarsat C satellite network. The display shows distress alert transmission in progress and distress alerts received on the Inmarsat C network. The SAILOR 6103 Multi Alarm Panel has three distress buttons and can send distress alerts via Inmarsat C, and distress calls via VHF and MF/HF. It can also receive information on incoming distress messages.