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Lantic Pro Entertainment System

Lantic Pro Entertainment System
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Lantic Pro Entertainment System - Where Simplicity Meets Sophistication

The Lantic Pro Entertainment System is an IP based Audio/Visual Entertainment solution with central Media Storage Server(s), SD or HD Video Streamer(s) and up to seven Entertainment Center Clients. Movies and music are centrally stored on one or more media storage servers and are distributed to the entertainment centers via a single CAT-5/6 cable Ethernet network. Analogue audio and video signals like satellite TV and camera signals (optional) are captured in a streamer and distributed via an Ethernet Network. All media content is available on-demand from the entertainment centers.

The Lantic System is fully IP based, user-friendly, reliable and comes with an easy to use central Media Administration module accessible from a central PC. The single CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable run between the Lantic Central Servers and the Lantic Clients makes installation or retrofitting relatively straight forward. Provided the on-board Lantic LAN is connected to VSAT or 3/4G, full remote Lantic system support can be provided by Lambda Marine for any diagnostics, system tuning and/or maintenance.

Lantic Pro System Features

The Lantic Pro System offers a host of features:
  • State-of-the-art graphical design Simplicity and easy to use, only one remote is required to control all equipment
  • A single integrated system offering: HD Movies On Demand, including Blu-ray Music On Demand Satellite & Terrestrial Radio & HDTV Internet
  • Up to 7 zones/clients
  • Daily services (Weather Info, Ships Info etc.)
  • The system is remotely maintainable over the internet
  • One box and one single Cat 6 cable installation

Optional Lantic system features transform your Entertainment System beyond anything you know:
  • iPod Playback to listen to your iPod via the Lantic System
  • Playhere/Airplay to stream TV, Camera and Movie to/from an iPad, iPod or iPhone
  • Daily services (Wake-up Call, Service Call etc.)
  • A Cabin Control System which is the key to on-board comfort, quick, subtle and simple to use. Via the remote control you can control all type of lights, air-conditioning, curtains, blinds and other equipment.
  • Import Movies and Music to the Lantic Servers from DVDs
  • View CCTV camera streams and/or Radar and Navigation Charts on the Lantic System

Lantic Pro Servers

The latest Lantic Central A/V Server uses a combination of separate SD Streamer Servers (12 SD Streams each) or HD Streamer Servers (4 HD Streams each) and Content Storage Servers (6TB standard, optional 20TB, RAID5), to stream AV content to the Lantic Entertainment Centers’ located in each cabin.

Lantic Pro HD Stream Server (AVS4HD)

The Lantic HDD Streamer Server streams 4 HD streams (Blu-ray and/or HD Sat-TV) per Server. Additional HD Streams can be implemented by adding HDD Streamer Servers. Lantic’s HDD Streamer is both exceptionally compact and energy efficient, making it easier to install and far more effective in its use of space than alternatives. The Lantic HD streamer comes equipped with four HDMI input ports and the capability to encode up to 1080p HD video. Each HD streamer can control 4 sat receivers via IR. This enables it to stream up to four simultaneous H.264 audio/video signals in a multicast format on Ethernet via a managed switch.

Lantic Pro Media Storage Server

The Lantic Media Storage Server contains all SD and/or HD media (Movies/Music/Pictures). It contains 2 Solid State System Drives (RAID 1) and 5 SSD Content Drives (RAID 5) with a standard capacity of 6TB (expandable to 20TB) . It also features a redundant Power Supply and redundant Fan. Average media capacity for the standard 6TB version is as follows:
  • Blu-Ray movies: 125
  • DVD movies: 625
  • CD music albums: 15,000
Multiple Content Servers can be installed optionally to increase storage capacity even further.

Lantic Clients

The Lantic A/V System can be supplied with three different types of Lantic Entertainment Centers, the Lantic MEC, PEC or SEC, described in detail hereafter. These clients feature full functionality in a small form factor and with a high temperature specification; up to 40°C.

Lantic Modular Entertainment Center

Lantic’s compact, state-of-the-art Modular Entertainment Centers (MEC) form the core of the audio-visual system in each individual zone. Installed out of sight, they receive commands from the remote controls that select and control the entertainment system components such as the central media server, satellite TV tuners, terrestrial feeds, Internet and other sources, and transmit them to the amplifiers, speakers and monitors. They also act as the relay point for external inputs such as disc drives, iPod drives and games consoles, and receive, process and transmit commands for the cabin control features, CCTV and other hotel functions. Each MEC has an integrated 2 x 10w amp and Dolby Surround 5.1 and 7.1 outputs and can be used with external amplifiers. The standard 10W output can be used as a slave unit in sub-zones such as bathrooms, but elsewhere the owner is free to specify external amplifiers of their choice for interfacing with the MEC. It is controlled via the well-know and unique Lantic RC1 Remote Control unit, using Z-wave.

The MEC features:
  • Audio on Demand
  • Video on Demand (SD & optional HD)
  • Central sources playback from Sat TV/Terrestrial TV/FM radio/Cameras
  • Internet Access (VSAT/3G/4G Gateway required)
  • Email Access (Read and write)
  • Power Save function (Fully operational, after wake from sleep , in less than 3 seconds)
  • LAN connection
  • Solid State Drive
Options include:
  • Local CD / DVD / BluRay drive playback
  • Lantic Cabin Control (Light & heat control)
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Navigation Systems Monitoring (Ethernet Interface with Radar & Chart systems required)
  • Monitor lift control
  • Service call
  • iPod docking playback (Play back music from locally docked iPod)
  • Apple 2-way Streaming (to/from iPod, iPad, iPhone)
  • External HDMI inputs (Gaming Consoles Xbox etc. and Apple TV)

Lantic Panel Entertainment Center

The Lantic Panel Entertainment Centre is a 21.5-inch touch-panel HD screen with built-in processor that comes preloaded with all the necessary software to link straight into the central Lantic media servers. By removing the need to install a Modular Entertainment Centre (see above) the screens are ideal for crew quarters and other areas where space is restricted. As well as having full access to the central music, movie and satellite services, six USB ports enable the connection of a selection of smart devices, external DVD and hard drives, and an HDMI input accepts Blu-ray players and hi-def games consoles. External speakers can be linked for a full audio experience and the entire system can be operated using any of the Lantic remote control options. It has the same features as the MEC; Audio on Demand, Video on Demand (SD & HD), Central sources playback from Sat TV/Terrestrial TV/FM radio/Cameras, Internet Access, Email Access (Read and write), a Power Save function and LAN connection. It also has the same options as the MEC; external Blu-ray Drive, Lantic Cabin Control, CCTV monitoring, Navigation Systems Monitoring, Service call and iPod docking playback, except Monitor lift control. It features a virtual on-screen keyboard when used with the Lantic RC20 Remote Control App.

Lantic Small Entertainment Center

The SEC (Small Entertainment Centre) is an audio-only player. The SEC is intended for the areas/zones that are not equipped with a monitor/TV screen and only require audio features like Music. It features Audio on Demand (Select music from a media server or playback of a public playlist), Radio (Select FM radio channels, if connected via CSS) and Service call (Service call via Lantic remote control, routed to crew areas). It is controlled from the Lantic RC20, which is a Remote control application for iPod, iPhone and iPad. It has a LAN connection and can be connected to an external Audio Amplifier.

Lantic Remote Controls

Lantic offers several options to control each MEC, PEC or SEC client.


The unique RC1 remote control is an exclusive & unique Danish design. The main functions in the Lantic entertainment system can be accessed by the single press of a key. The direct menu structure enables the user to use the Lantic entertainment system immediately, without any pre-knowledge. The RC1 has an easy and single touch control of functions like: video, audio, radio, lights and curtains. The RC1 is standard used for MEC clients and optionally for SEC clients. It can be supplied in its standard silver color version, or optionally gold plated.


The RC10 has all the functionality of the RC1 but in a more simple form factor. It is standard used with the PEC.


The Lantic RC20 App provides full remote control of the on-board Lantic system.The Lantic RC20 Remote Control Application includes a virtual keyboard for controlling internet and enables full control of a Lantic Client from the iPad/iPhone/iPod. iPods,iPads and iPhones loaded with the App can fulfill the same function as a RC1 or RC10, providing remote access to any Lantic Entertainment System. Utilizing touch screens to display the same menu as can be seen on a zone’s installed monitor, they provide the comfort and convenience of being able to control your Lantic system remotely without having to turn on the main screen. As an extra feature, enjoy the convenience of streaming media from your Lantic system to your iPad and the other way around send media from your iPad to Lantic. The iPod/iPad control solution is standard used for the SEC. Once again a new Play Here button appears on the Now Playing page when the streaming option is available. Press it and the content instantly ceases to play on the Lantic hardware and instead transfers to the tablet or Smartphone. It’s a simple as that!

The Lantic Graphical User Interface

The Lantic System Graphical User Interface (GUI) has a modern visual approach. The GUI is the series of on-screen graphical menus and options with which users interact, via their remote controls or smart devices, to select from the full range of entertainment and other on-board services. The state-of-the-art design is a pleasure to view and is fully customizable while its functionality makes accessing content from both on-board central media servers and local inputs such as iPod docks, Blu-ray players and satellite TV as fast for first-time users as it is for experienced Lantic users. A single touch on the control can also give access to the internet, real-time navigation feeds, full control of local environmental systems and more.

Apple Integration

Viewing or listening to content stored on an iPad or iPhone on a Lantic system could not be easier. The user just has to ensure that the portable device is connected to the local Wi-Fi network, press the Airplay Stream icon that appears at the bottom of the Play Now screen and then select Lantic Entertainment System as the destination. The Lantic system takes care of everything else. Sound, video or photographs can all be enjoyed on the big screen using the local amplifier and speakers. The reverse process, sending TV, movies, CCTV and more from the Lantic System to the iPad / iPhone, represents a major advance in onboard entertainment. Lantic users can now access the full power and versatility of the onboard entertainment system with its thousands of movies and audio tracks from literally anywhere on board that has Wi-Fi access via their Apple devices using PlayHere. They no longer need to use fixed screens and speakers to access music, movies and satellite or terrestrial TV.

External HDMI Source Integration – APPLE TV, GAMING CONSOLES, XBOX

This gives the possibility to connect 3rd party devices to the entertainment centres via a HDMI switch. The 3rd party devices could be a gaming console or an Apple TV. Only stereo sound from the 3rd party devices is supported. Up to 3 devices can be connected. The devices can be integrated directly in the Lantic menu’s with an icon and a description. In addition to the above HDMI switch control the 3rd party device itself can be controlled via infrared. This gives the possibility to control a local device via infrared. This could be an Apple TV. When Apple TV is selected via the Lantic menu it can be controlled from a custom designed menu in the Lantic RC20 app. Alternatively, Apple TV can be integrated via the central Lantic Server.

BLU-RAY Playback – Central or Local

Both the MEC and PEC can be connected to an optional external Blu-ray Drive to play back Blu-ray movies. In addition the Lantic Media Storage Server can contain Blu-ray media to centrally play Blu-ray movies On-Demand.

Optional Satellite Box Control

With Lantic Box Control the satellite tuners can easily be controlled with a Smartphone or tablet or from a Lantic Client or Central Aministration Client/Server if this option is fitted.

Optional Movie Service

Subscribe to the Lantic Movie Service to enjoy a personalised, up-to-date on board movie library. From the latest blockbusters, favourite comedies, thrillers and dramas to hit TV series, documentaries and music to suite every taste, Lantic offers a comprehensive service that provides owners with unlimited access to regularly updated media libraries on board their yachts. For an annual subscription fee, owners, guests and crew can choose from a wide range of titles including all their favourites. Subtitles and movie data are included in the language of choice.

The Lantic Pro Experience in Summary

The Lantic Pro System has been designed specifically for those wanting outstanding Lantic performance, using the world renowned remote or optionally your iPod/iPad/iPhone, to enjoy A/V entertainment on a maximum of 7 zones. With all standard features of the Lantic Entertainment System including movies on demand, internet access, weather and radio the system can be upgraded seamlessly to integrate with your Chart Plotter, Radar and CCTV Cameras. Additional outputs will allow for Sub-zone installations for areas such as cockpits and en-suites allowing music to flow throughout the vessel.

Designed with flexibility in mind Lantic Entertainment Systems provides a networked multi-user environment. The easy to use, distinctive and unique remote makes selecting all features simple for you, your guests and friends. The wireless or virtual keyboard gives you the world wide web at your fingertips, and the optional touch panels provide full control over each designated room. Lantic Yacht Entertainment Systems combine the latest technology with a modern user-friendly design, creating a powerful, flexible and unique Yacht and Entertainment control system, which gives you easy access to a world of opportunities. Now let the world come to you. With an elegant and easy to use remote, you can control your movies, music, TV, radio and Internet.

Features & Benefits
  • Movies and Music On-Demand - Get whatever HD/SD movie or music you want with a touch of a button rapidly and independently, throughout every cabin of your yacht including Blu-Ray!
  • Internet Access - Access the Internet from every cabin (optional gateway required)
  • Radio - Create the right ambiance in every cabin (optional tuner required)
  • HDTV On-Demand - Tune in to the world from every cabin (optional satellite or terrestrial tuner/decoder required)
  • Weather info - Check out the weather at your next destination or family's/friends location (internet access required)
  • Photo Albums - View your favorite photo's on your Lantic System
  • Guide - View a Lantic User Guide on your Lantic Entertainment Center or RC20
  • Apple Integration - iPods, iPads, iPhones and Apple TV all seamlessly integrate to your Lantic System (optional)
  • Maximum 7 Zones/Clients

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Lantic Monitor PEC-AE2220 Panel Entertainment Cente AMN-TF6060CI Lantic Satellite Tuner BRD-IB540 Local Blu-Ray Drive




Lantic Monitor Lantic YES-PEC-AE2220 Panel Entertainment Center AMN-TF6060CI Lantic Satellite Tuner Lantic YES-BRD-IB540 Local Blu-Ray Drive
RC1-GP Remote Control RC1 Remote Control KB10 Wireless Keyboard AMP-VX200 Lantic External Amplifiers




Lantic RC1-GP Remote Control Lantic RC1 Remote Control Lantic KB10 Wireless IR Keyboard AMP-VX200 Lantic External Amplifier
RC5 Remote Control Lantic Speakers DVD-IB540 Local DVD/CD Drive EC610 Entertainment Center




Lantic RC5 Wi-Fi Remote Control Lantic Speaker Lantic YES-DVD-IB540 Local DVD/CD Drive Lantic EC610 Entertainment Center
RC10 Remote Control QNAP-4TB Media Storage Server KB2 Wireless Keyboard LEC201P Lite Entertainment Center




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