News: Lambda Marine launches ICOM IC-SAT100 and IC-SAT100M Iridium Satellite PTT Radios
ICOM IC-SAT100/SAT100M; The World’s First 2-way Radio System using Iridium Satellite PTT Network

Lambda Marine launches ICOM IC-SAT100 and SAT100M Iridium Satellite PTT Radios

Lambda Marine, a maritime ICT system integrator and Distributor, based in the UAE, recently launched the ICOM IC-SAT100 Iridium Satellite PTT Handheld Radio and the ICOM IC-SAT100M Iridium Satellite PTT Mobile Radio; the World’s First 2-way PTT Radios using the Iridium Satellite PTT Radio Network.

The SAT100 has global coverage and can be used anywhere in the world to connect any Teams to communicate with all its members. Therefore unlike mobile phones and walkie-talkies, there is no need to use and/or carry a radio base-station or repeater to remote locations where no such radio infrastructure exists and is ideal as a backup communication tool in case local cellular or radio infrastructure is not operational due to any disaster or catastrophic event.

Unlike a Satellite Phone, which connects one-to-one and is charged by the minute, the SAT100 connects one-to-many, uses Push-To-Talk functionality and offers unlimited talk-time at a flat-fee. Therefore one SAT100 can instruct many members of a Team with one simple PTT call. SAT100 Talkgroups can be easily created on-the-fly using drag and drop technology and coverage areas and regions can be simply created, modified and moved using a PC mouse-click. All SAT100 Team communications are secure using AES256 encryption. Its high-capacity battery will provide communications during a full day of up to 14.5 hours. Using optional radio or cellular phone integration, the SAT100 can also communicate with existing walkie-talkies or cellular phones.

The SAT100 is waterproof, dust tight and has a durable body and will easily cope with any rugged operations area and tough conditions. With the optional car-kit including external antenna, the SAT100 can be easily fitted into any vehicle, providing automatic battery charging from its cradle and can also be used with an optional hands-free PTT headset. The SAT100 is delivered including an A/C adapter for over-night charging from generators at a camp or outdoor project site. For dedicated use in a car or building, the ICOM IC-SAT100M is the ideal Iridium Satellite PTT Radio, which connects it antenna on the vehicle or building roof up to 100m away via LAN cable. For any serious team, the ICOM IC-SAT100/M Satellite PTT Radio is the perfect and indispensable communication partner!

Use of Iridium Satellite PTT Radios is subject to local regulations which varies from country to country. In the UAE the ICOM-SAT100/M can not be sold without special TRA approval.