BNWAS As It Was Meant To Be

There are multiple BNWAS solutions available in the market.

Lambda Marine has selected two systems which deliver what BNWAS was intended to do; easy to operate, easy to fit and easy to maintain Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm Systems to serve the Officer Of the Watch effectively and efficiently.

Fully IMO compliant, fully capable, no-nonsense, no bells and whistles, quietly and reliably working in the background until needed.


Veinland VL_BNWAS

Easy To Operate

With only 4 buttons and 4 groups of indicators, all clearly and logically labeled and grouped, the ALPHABNWAS is easy, user-friendly and intuitive to operate by any navigator without manual or training.

Easy To Operate

With its eye catching reset button, convenient count-down timer, clearly grouped and labeled controls and indicators and integrated Officer Selector Switch, the VL_BNWAS is an easy to use and complete solution.

Easy To Fit

With an ultra compact footprint of only 104 square centimeter, making it the smallest BNWAS currently available in the market, the ALPHABNWAS fits easily into any bridge console. It's optional Officer Selector Switch with identical dimensions is equally easy to install, making ALPHABNWAS installations extremely flexible.

Easy To Fit

With its integrated Officer Selector Switch the VL-BNWAS is easy to fit in bridge consoles with ample space for a single unit BNWAS solution.

Easy To Maintain

Featuring only PLC technology, 4 simple buttons and 9 reliable LED indicators, without any complex touchscreens or menu displays, the ALPHABNWAS has proven PLC based reliability for years of failure proof operation.

Easy To Maintain

With only 5 simple buttons and a minimum of LED indicators, no complex touchscreens or menu displays, the VL-BNWAS features proven PLC technology for years of uninterrupted operations.

Lambda Marine compared the ALPHABNWAS and VL-BNWAS against 11 competitors, using 60 criteria and concluded that these two BNWAS solutions are amongst the best three currently available in the market.

Not only are these A rated BNWAS solutions easy to operate, install and maintain, they follow most closely what in the opinion of Lambda Marine IMO meant BNWAS systems to be; a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System assisting the OOW to maintain ship safety and situational awareness.

If you are a shipowner currently looking for a reliable BNWAS solution, click here to request a copy of the full Lambda Marine BNWAS 2012 Review, currently the only review not written by manufacturers themselves.