Lambda Marine participates in Seatrade MEWBOM 2013 exhibition
Serving the offshore market

Lambda Marine participates in Seatrade MEWBOM 2013 exhibition.

Lambda Marine has many customers in the Offshore market and therefore participated in the recent 2013 Middle East Workboat & Offshore Marine Exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The Lambda Marine stand exhibited products from Alphatron, Current Corporation, FarSounder, ICOM, JRC, KEP Marine and Telesupply. Live demos were given of the AlphaBridge Integrated Bridge including simulator, the ICOM Marine Commander Workboat Bridge with customized Conning Display, the FarSounder FS-1000 3D Forward Looking Sonar and the Night Vision 3 Current Corporation Thermal Imaging Night Vision Camera.

Other products on display included the Telesupply JTM-30C 100W and 250W Non-Directional Beacon, KEP Marine's KEPM, KEPMGB bridge displays, KEPL glass-bridge display and ENIX3 marine black-box PC and the JMA-5300MKII radar and JLR-21 Gyro GPS Compass from JRC, as well as the AlphaMiniCourse gyro from Alphatron.

Lambda Marine's CEO Rudi C. Joustra presented a white paper with a full overview of on-board navigation systems suitable for night time navigation during the Seatrade Global Workboat Technology Forum, part of the Seatrade Conference running in parallel to the exhibition.

Below photos of some Lambda team members and products on the Lambda Marine MEWBOM 2013 stand, which received the Seatrade Award for best shell scheme.

The Seatrade MEWBOM 2013 Lambda Marine stand.

Alphatron AlphaBridge Integrated Workboat Bridge System.

ICOM Marine Commander Integrated Workboat Bridge System with customized Conning Display.

Current Corporation Night Navigator 3, Telesupply JTM-30C NDB, FarSounder FS-500/1000 3D FLS.

Alphatron AlphaMiniCourse gyro, JRC JLR-21 GPS gyro and IBS systems.