Lambda Marine successfully completes NDB oilrig installation
JTM-30C NDB single- and dual redundant versions

Lambda Marine completes latest NDB installation

Lambda Marine has supplied a number of JTM-30C Non-Directional Beacons for various vessel, rig and land-based applications.

The latest installation was completed far offshore in the Gulf. Lambda Marine handed over the system after demonstrating the powerful remote diagnostics and maintenance functionality by logging in to the NDB from the Lambda Marine office in the United Arab Emirates. This feature is protected by the need to grant manually session access rights by the NDB operator to the party who wishes to log-in remotely, guaranteeing total security.

The ability to access the NDB remotely enables 24/7 technical support for the NDB operator, thus total peace of mind of NDB users.

Below photos of Lambda engineer Harry preparing the NDB antenna installation, the completed heli-deck antenna and the NDB main unit fully installed.

NDB antenna installationNDB Antenna Installation-2NDB Main Unit